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The Ecumenical Forum of European Christian Women is an international, church-related organisation that is active in 30 European countries. EFECW is a network of women from all Christian Traditions. EFECW was founded in 1982 in Gwatt Switzerland. Its main aims are:

  • to strengthen the ecumenical network of women
  • to help women to find the common European identity
  • to challenge women to action

This happens through educational workshops, meetings, publications about issues like: Ecumenical Learning, Political Learning, Management, Ethic-Ecological Training and projects of Reconciliation.

All women, both on European and national level, work on a voluntary basis.


About Pop Up Monastery

The Pop Up Monastery is a retreat aimed at women from all over Europe who seek time out from their busy lives and the opportunity to meet women from all generations and different cultural backgrounds. The Pop Up Monastery will include a broad range of activities such as pilgrimage, cooking, handicraft, gardening, empowerment workshops, music, silence and prayer and many more…

The Pop Up Monastery will take place from 8-21 August 2015 in a monastic setting in Mariensee near Hannover (Germany) over a period of two weeks. You can apply for one or two weeks. The full participation fee for one week will be 250 Euro. The participation fee is lower for certain countries and you can apply for scholarship. The application deadline is the 15th of March! 

More information on the Pop Up Monastery webpage: 



History EFECW

Women wish to understand each other in their cultural differences and in their unique Christian faith.

In some churches and regions of Europe women have tasks but only few rights, which could allow them to search for innovations on the path towards unity. Nevertheless believing Christians can exchange experiences and can be strengthened by the manifold ways of life of their sisters .

Since thirty years the Ecumenical Forum of European Christian Women assembles women of all the different churches and denominations in Europe in seminars, conferences and assemblies.1978 the first ecumenical women's consultation took place in Brussels, where we realized how enriching and necessary the encounter and discussions were. There we felt to be empowered to search for a way to work together in East and West, South and North of Europe and promoted this movement. Some of the themes and of the participants in the last years may be interesting for you.


 IMG 2307

Co Presidents

Eva Guldanova                Slovakia

Gabi Kienesberger         Austria

Asea Railean                    Moldova


CC Members

Marijana Ajzenkol             Serbia

 Fiona Buchanan                 Scotland

Marianne Milde                 Germany

Timea-Zsuzsánna Soós     Romania



Hannah Golda                   Austria


The CC met in its new composition in Vienna, 13-16 November 2014. The main aims of the meeting were:


  1. Team Building
  2. Creating an action plan based on the Strategy and Priority Thematic Areas as decided at the last General Assembly in Tinos, August 2014