The Fellowship of the Least Coin is a global ecumenical women’s movement of prayer for peace, justice and reconciliation. It started in 1956 by Shanti Salomon, a woman from India, and spread out over the whole world. Through this movement Christian women seek fellowship and solidarity with each other. Whenever women pray at home, in church or in a group they put their least coin aside. And many least coins make a big amount of money to support about fourty women’s projects and six scholarships for young women students all over the world every year. Read more about the history:

fellowship of the least coin

If you, your group or network, your organisation or your country want to contribute your least coins you are welcome to send them to the Austrian EFECW account:
Oekumenisches Forum Christlicher Frauen in Europa
Bank: Schelhammer & Schattera
IBAN: AT64 1919 0000 0026 9688

Hannah Golda, treasurer of EFECW, forwards them once a year to the FLC account in Geneva (World Council of Churches). You can also bring your coins to EFECW conferences and meetings.
Furthermore it is possible to send in project applications.

Every continent has a regional coordinator. For Europe this is Martina Heinrichs This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. She collects applications which you can send in until the 1st of June every year. Please contact her if you want to apply and ask her for the guidelines and the application forms as well as other details you need to know.

Here is a list of European projects which have been granted by FLC in former years:

  • 2016 Expressions of our faith: logos, music, icon. Ecumenical meeting and sharing among Greek and Cypriot women, Nicosia, Cyprus
    Awareness raising and preventing gender based violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina through the Informal Network of Rural Women of Zenica Doboj Canton
    Grandmother’s Gazebo summer-school, Bucharest, Romania
    Young women together on pilgrimage, Slovenia
  • 2015 A plea for health: goat milk as an alternative to medication, Moldova
    Mariam: shelter for undocumented homeless migrant women, Nijmegen, Netherlands
    Pop Up Monastery, Mariensee, Germany