Former coordinating committee member Jacqueline Stuyt from the UK donated ₤ 200.000 of her inheritance to the Ecumenical Forum of European Christian Women (EFECW). The legacy has been earmarked for projects relating to women's issues and perspectives for the next 10 years.

All national forums of EFECW can apply for funding.

Application deadline is the 1st of March, every year.

For further information and application details please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fund description and criteria overview

  • Funding will be open to all National Ecumenical Forums of Christian Women in Europe and also for extraordinary and honorary members (see Constitutions §4a).
  • Projects should focus on women's demands and perspectives - but of course, when important to the issue, men should be involved too. It is important that projects have an international character and therefore that National Forums work together.
  • Projects must comply with the aims of EFECW. The maximum amount granted is € 7,000.

Applications must present a comprehensive application form, a realistic budget, and show 20% own funding plus other financial sources (see the budget-template).
The following documents are necessary:
a) Project description (see APPLICATION FORM)
b) Budget (see BUDGET)
c) Annual report of your organisation
d) Annual financial report from your organisation
e) Constitution of your organisation if you are not a full member of EFECW
and within 2 months after finishing the project:
f) A narrative report (using the template on website)
g) A financial report (income + expenses, invoices/receipts covering the amount received from JSL in original or PDF)
And for communication purposes (EFECW):
h) Produced material from the project
i) Pictures / Videos etc.

N.B. A project can run from one to three years. If a project lasts longer than 1 year, there should be at least one report in the middle of the term

  • Working Areas:
    a) Theology/Spirituality
    Interreligious, inter-confessional and/or ecumenical spirituality and/or dialogue
    b) Economy – Poverty - Justice
    c) Women’s rights / Gender mainstreaming
    d) Living together
    Neighbourhood meetings; Sharing expertise; Pluralistic society; Intercultural Dialogue
    e) Capacity building
    Leadership development; Young women strategy;
    Project development and project management; Empowerment
    f) Reconciliation – Shalom – Healing
    Initiatives for peace, justice and reconciliation
    Actions against any forms of violence against women and children
    g) Actions for the care of God’s creation (e.g. ecology, environment protection, etc.)
    h) Issues concerning challenges coming up to women

Projects 2015

Baltic Sea EFECW Neigbourhood Seminar
”In Deeper Waters – Sharing our Traditions”
In Hvittorp, Kirkkonummi, Finland,
20th - 24th May 2015

Project Report

Ecumenical Forum of Christian Women in Austria
“Care work forces women into precarious life circumstances.”

Project Document, Project Summary

Fund description and criteria

Application Form and Budget Form

JSL Newsletter - New projects 2013