The International Committee for the Fellowship of the Least Coin (ICFLC) is pleased to announce Dr. Liza B. Lamis as the new Executive Secretary effective January 1, 2018

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A lifelong, intercultural experience for young European women!

The Ecumenical Forum of European Christian Women will hold its 10th General Assembly from 7-12 August 2018. Our theme is ‘If you remain silent at this time...Christian Women Speak Out’. We will explore some of the ways women across Europe are speaking out on pertinent issues in church and in society, and we will also mark the 20th anniversary of the end of the Decade of Churches in Solidarity with Women.

from the Coordinating Committee of EFECW

easter 2017

blessed christmas 2016

Dear members and friends of the Ecumenical Forum of European Christian Women,
it is hard to say joyful words in these days after Paris, Nice, Brussels, Istanbul, Berlin, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, Israel, Palestine, Mediterranean Sea, Africa, …
So let us promise to one another like the Angel did:

“Have no fear; for truly, I give you good news of great joy
which will be for all the people. For on this day, in the town of David,
a Saviour has come to birth, who is Christ the Lord.” Luke 2:10-11

Blessed Christmas and a peaceful New Year!

Asea Railean, Eva Guldanova, Gabi Kienesberger
Marijana Ajzenkol, Fiona Buchanan, Sr. Marianne Milde CJ, Zsuzsi Soos
Coordinating Committee
Hannah Golda
Martina Heinrichs, Maria Koutatzi
Advisor, Assistant

From the 8 - 21 August 2015, fifty women between 19 and 73 years moved into the vast monastery building in Mariensee, Germany, to create the first ever European ecumenical 'Pop Up Monastery' and to share the life with the women who live there in community. The participants were from 17 European countries, and from various Christian denominations: Orthodox and Quakers, Methodists, Protestants, Catholics and spiritual seekers. A rhythm of prayer, silence, tasks and workshops structured the day, but there was also room for celebration and exchange. Women were given the opportunity to seek time out of their busy lives and to meet women from all generations, denominations and cultural backgrounds.

This project was five years in the making, and the film ‘Gardens of Eve’ follows the women leading the project, as well as participants, as they uncover what it means to have faith, to live in community, to be searching, and to support one another on our journeys.

The film is a project of the Ecumenical Forum of European Christian Women, and was funded by the Methodist Church in Britain. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those women involved in the production of the film for their time, talents and honesty.

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NC Larnaca 2016 group picture

Οur precious friend, the honorary president and founder of the Ecumenical Forum of European Christian Women, RUTH EPTING has passed away in the morning of 15 June 2016 at the age of 97.
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Read more about her rich and fulfilled life in this interview:…/files/EFECW_book12_INLAGA_webb.pdf and let us commemorate Ruth with photos at our facebook site:

Rest in peace, dear Ruth!

Gabi Kienesberger

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