Statement on peace after Paris attacks (13 Nov 2015)

The Ecumenical Forum of European Christian Women is deeply shocked by the attacks in Paris committed in the name of religion. This is not our understanding of faith.
We believe in a God of life and peace, of love and mercy. We believe in dialogue and communication instead of violence and death. Killing is not the solution of coping with our differences and conflicts.
We stand in solidarity with our French sisters and brothers and feel with them in their grieve and losses.

And we pray: In the midst of fear, violence and injustice all over the world and in particular in Paris during these last days
We pray to You loving God,
We cry to You merciful God,
We scream to You,
our Father and Mother Have mercy on us.
We ask and seek your forgiveness
Whenever we did not witness Your love and peace
Whenever we did not recognize the trap of evil and became selfish and closed our hearts.
But, God of peace, have mercy on us.
And have mercy on those who killed others in your name.
Open hearts and eyes of those who are full of hatred.
In those days of sorrow, Help us to stay on Your path
Help us to be witnesses of peace and light,
Rather then be caught in a never-ending circle of cruelty
Have mercy on us and stay with us, oh God.
Give us strength, to stay close to You, waiting and working for the day when “mercy and truth will meet, justice and peace will kiss each other”.
May there be light, not darkness.
May there be love, not hatred.
May there be life, not death.
May there be talking, not killing.
May there be peace, not war.

17 November 2015